9 Cosmos Atlas Maps under the Invariance of Black Splatters

For sale

26 x 36cm per piece; fine liner & aquarelle (water colour); 190504

This series from May 2019 includes nine watercolor paintings of the size 26 x 36 cm.

The main theme of this series is to treat each of his paintings as a map of a map collection of my art cosmos. Through mathematical analysis of these „cards“, based on the „Model of Natural Communication“ by Professor Elias Zafiris, it will be possible to travel through my artistic cosmos and explore unexpected impressions and narrative content.

Other thematic names of the series are „9 Maps under the Invariance of Black Splatters“ and „Cross-Domain-Alphabet“. A superordinate theme is an invariance linking the images (the black splatters as starting points of the design). From an invariance, changes can be characterized.

Another theme sees each image as a symbol of a cross-domain alphabet. Each image functions as a „letter“, which gets its individual identity through a unique combination of colors and shapes. These symbols can be analyzed mathematically. Furthermore, based on the „Model of Natural Communication“ by Professor Elias Zafiris, they can participate in a mathematical-transcendental communication between any domains.

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