A Multi-Equivalence Ratio

Martin Ritzinger, Mathematical Theatre, 190313


Towards Neutrality cross your gate,

Curves fill our Circle’s fate,

If two ratios equalize,

Before talking myths arise.


In all lives’ seasons four,

Share water, store flour,

In dreams believe,

Memories of futures avoid mischief.


On arcs of time travel,

At any ratio branch and ravel,

Idea-bricks discretize in addition,

From unity subtract and live your vision.

Consensual be the different,

If visions above all time sound significant,

If by friendly curves lives be bound,

Similarities circulate on common ground.

Roam your sphere of life on equal curves,

While the mercator areas preserves,

And Gnomons ratios cross,

Ptolemy, all routes from sphere to map emboss!

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