+- Ratio

Mathematical Theatre, 190313

Text and illustration by Martin Ritzinger

Spoken by Sebastian Michael (www.sebastianmichael.com)

Play the recording while reading:

Circle of Expectation

One gate opens for the angle-area of twenty-four potentials in this Universal Circle’s time-space. While Harrisonstompa Alimane is crossing the sill of his gate, two more gates are inviting Heltin Do’moore and Diacheek Glitterrobin to cross their sills too. Heltin transparizes inside the cloud that embraces her sill. Diacheek is seemingly pulled through a state of transparency that encloses his sill.

The First inner handshake is called “Harrisonstompa Alimane to Diacheek Glitterrobin greeting.” Heltin Do’moore, transparently levitating inside the border of her sill, encounters the First inner handshake as a pioneer of the sensual category of sound.

Diacheek and Harrisonstompa examine Heltin’s soundless state of transparency.

Diacheek Glitterrobin
“Should not be another inner handshake be heard at this point?”

Harrisonstompa Alimane
“Right towards our meeting, a new inner handshake should be reflected through the Universal Neutral Element.”

Heltin Do’moore feels torn within her fog of transparency. Bordered by clarities on all sides of her sill, she draws pirouettes of clarity into the bordersill between transparency and clarity. Twenty-four, six, one-hundred-sixty-eight and, only attempted, fifty-two degree of the dance of circle segments become crooned. Coogruela McDoth is approaching her gate.

Heltin Do’moore
Towards Neutrality cross your gate,
Curves fill our Circle’s fate,
If two ratios equalize,
Before talking myths arise.

In a sublime and convex way Coogruela McDoth is entering the enclosed circle of handshakes through her very own gate.

Heltin Do’moore
“Twenty-four by six. Six-hundred-twenty-four by fifty-two. Fifty-Two by six. One-hundred-sixty-eight by forty-two. Three-thousand-seven-hundred-forty-four by Six-hundred-twenty-four. Do we speak the same rationality, Coogruela McDoth?”

In expectation of hidden gates to submit more ratios of her flavour, Coogruela is staring at three voids for the duration of one-hundred-sixty-eight angular potentials of the Universal Circle’s time-space.

Myth of Void

Coogruela McDoth
Void hides,
Myth void’s border rides,
Chant on Void’s middle,
Neutral varies Void’s riddle.

Coogruela McDoth
Myth exscale,
Knot Sibling-void’s trail,
Myth inscale,
Void’s central riddle hale.190320_+-ratio__myth_of_void_illu_3.png
Coogruela McDoth
Myth rotate,
Bound insight inflate,
Myth rotate,
Emit to unbound myths a spate.

Coogruela McDoth
Remote myths each other persuade,
Tunes adjust in charade,
For any next partition is inbound,
Tunes of Colour your myth surround.


The First inner handshake that has been called “Harrisonstompa Alimane to Diacheek Glitterrobin greeting.”, stabilizes and attracts more gates to clarify their equivalences amongst expectations on the Universal circle. Harrisonstompa and Diacheek, who are the First inner-hand-shakers, expect an equivalent inner handshake to theirs to step out of two more voids.

Diacheek Glitterrobin
“I am a ‘Twenty-four’. Harrisonstompa, you are differing by an angle of six potentials! I think we will shake hands in polarity. Let’s mirror across the cipher!”

Harrisonstompa Alimane
“Alright. We’re a ‘Twenty-four by six’. I will knock Ciphers door now.”


“Who is there?”
The First inner handshake (of Harrisonstompa Alimane and Diacheek Glitterrobin)
“It’s the First inner handshake. I am equivalent to a ‘four’. I’d like to be mirrored through your honorable neutral centrality.”

“Then declare your identity under addition of arguments. But pay attention to invariances!”

The First inner handshake (by Harrisonstompa Alimane and Diacheek Glitterrobin)
“Water flows constantly towards and through Harrisonstompa’s mill. Diacheek delivers corn and takes away flour. My first balance is called cooperation. After days of atmospheric precipitation Harrisonstompa always postpones his occupation to help Diacheek carry corn and flour. My second balance is called assistance. Before expectable seasons of heat, Diacheek is always shipping corn away from Harrisonstompa’s mill towards the cool caves. During these times, having left the dry mill, Harrisonstompa and Diacheek are baking regionally traditional cave-bread in the cool caves. My third balance is called subordination. After periods of heat, Diacheek and Harrisonstompa return to where the mill used to be. Forces have swept the mill away, swept the fields of corn away and finally have swept the reliable streambed away. The experience of loss takes place in a new born lake. Harrisonstompa, who has been raised by water, teaches Diacheek how to compensate the loss of all corn by fishing. My fourth balance is called compassion. The First inner handshake stabilizes to an invariance.”

Rope of Sand

After four more potentials of time-space have gone by, the Second inner handshake is celebrated by Heltin Do’moore and Coogruela McDoth. The Second inner handshake being born inside the Universal circle is called “Heltin Do’moore to Coogruela McDoth greeting.” The First inner handshakes encourages his sibling to reflect across the Universal circle’s central cipher too.

“In expectation and pleasant anticipation I ask you, who is called the Second inner handshake, to declare your identity under addition of arguments!”

The Second inner handshake (by Coogruela McDoth and Heltin Do’moore)
“At the beginning of every cycle stands the expectation of death to die and life to live. The new born life’s spring is fulfilled with bonding friendships and singing paeans of praise about every birth. My first balance is called Bumblebee-yellow. Life’s adolescence roams through all living potentials. It is competing with other living potentials by by rerouting flows of living potentials but also by building bridges across living potentials. My second balance is called Kelly-green. In the third quarter of its own cycle, the chants of Life about its bridges and flows sound majestic, wise and authentic. With decreasing acceleration the community of all flows of living potentials is growing older. As the ringing of the bells is stretched to infinity, the community of flows of living potentials is getting aware of its own self. A stable and discrete character observes the boring infrastructure of flows and bridges through mirrors of imagination and insight. My third balance is called cinnamon-brown. As the fading Whiteness pacifies the songs of appraisal, Deaths are born and all living potentials fall asleep. By dreaming, the living potentials feed the Universal Circle with their knowledge about life, paeans of praise, flows and bridges. Everyone’s closed circle is a White outside the circle of colours. But every closed circle is a boundary full of sleeping imaginations and eventually likely to be born dreams. My fourth balance is called snow-white.”

Mirror of Myths

In order to reflect the First inner handshake onto the polar segment of the Universal circle of time-space, Kharon, the mirror of myths, demands simple Arithmetic of the given arguments to be defeated. To set sail with Kharon across the central Neutrality of the Universal circle, the First inner handshake must call the Neutral element, the central Cipher, by a convenient name.

Diacheek Glitterrobin
“It’s the argument that let’s each of our balances be invariant, Harrisonstompa!”

Harrisonstompa Alimane
“Then speak it out! I want to reach our polar shores and get out of the riddle-boat of kind Mr. Kharon.”
“Be patient and courteous or stay in the mirror-plane of stories to be experienced!”

Diacheek Glitterrobin
“Better listen well and reflect us to the least expectable segments of your circle of myths, Kharon! Give me your hand, Harrisonstompa!”

The First inner handshake
“Jealousy. Our particular Neutral element under addition of arguments is Jealousy.”

“Diacheek would not be desire to bathe Harrisonstompa’s river? I bet Harrisonstompa would rather browse all grass nearby the mill than help Diacheek carry corn and flour. You both would not share the fame to be known as the inventor of the delicious cave-bread. And wouldn’t Diacheek rather be able to catch the precious fish in times of scarcity himself? Wouldn’t hunger and uncertainty ward Harrisonstompa to catch any marine animal?

The First inner handshake
“To whichever argument in my declaration you may add Jealousy, Consensuality keeps Cooperation, Assistance, Subordination to a common aim and Compassion invariant. Your deceitful phrases cannot split our Union of Consensuality, Kharon!”

“Now, the Second inner handshake weighs up the First inner handshake. Declare your Neutral element according to the Addition of your balanced arguments, Coogruela McDoth and Heltin Do’moore!”

The Second inner handshake
“It’s the coexistence of all angles in the universal spiral of time on which all existences spatialize their pirouettes.”

“Can’t you express it a bit more difficult?! … I feel old. I have cycled on this spiralic circle for all rational and irrational déjà-vus. You all may reflect yourself through the Universal’s circle center of Neutrality.”

A Multi-equivalence Ratio

By naming Kharon, the gatekeeper of the Neutrality of the Universal’s circle of time, their ratio-constituting arguments, the first two Inner handshakes, find their polar identities. The first two Inner handshakes must listen to words once spoken. Has the perception of these words been a memory of the future back then?
A Unity of four enters the Universal circle of time through four gates. Spoken from the sills of the circle’s gates, words clarify their polar ratios:

Dazuzu Firepalmer
In all lives’ seasons four,
Share water, store flour,
In dreams believe,
Memories of futures avoid mischief.

Merlarmstrong Quinshot
On arcs of time travel,
At any ratio branch and ravel,
Idea-bricks discretize in addition,
From unity subtract and live your vision.

Elmliams Dumblemilton
Consensual be the different,
If visions above all time sound significant,
If by friendly curves lives be bound,
Similarities circulate on common ground.

Cookerry Keshot
Roam your sphere of life on equal curves,
While the mercator areas preserves,
And Gnomons ratios cross,
Ptolemy, all routes from sphere to map emboss!

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