Martin Ritzinger, Mathematical Phenomena, 190114

Cycle 1 – Segment 1 – Invitation


The sun has not attempted to rise yet but Harperula gets up and leaves. Silence feels less noisy while moving, she legitimates without a sound that would be audible in any human spectrum. She assures this insight as a securing rail while still sitting on her bed and comparing the price for staying in bed with the price for leaving. Indirectly, a moon illuminates Harperula’s cabinet. An avoided direct perceivability seems to prove the sinister companionships of things that are said to be real. She sees fog-like dust performing a tango. Harperula accepts this as an invitation to let the hidden moon tell the moon’s story of this night now.

Family of the algebraic tree,
Order through your offspring of three,
Branch all equivalence,
Ordered nature unite in remembrance.

‘Cold but honest’, the oak floor notes about the touch of Harperula’s feet. She moves her toes up and down, to the left and to the right, in circles, clockwise and counterclockwise. She lifts the balm of the right foot while she is lifting the heel of the left. She enjoys to play the music of the cold touch and a wooden torsion while her imaginary friend, the moon, has to wait for her to step outside.

190115_rr_memory1_cyc1_seg1_2Harperula stands up, moves distinctly away from her bed, keeping the appearance of moonlight to her left. She thinks she should steer with about ten degree clockwise to be able to walk through the only door of her room. It should have been more than that. The small toe could take the pain less well. The horizontal oakness insists to creak. It does not allow her to give voice to her painful displeasure. Fingers grab the Norwegian spruce door frame, a thigh gets pressed to it and abdominal muscles contract until the determination between scream and wheeze is unavoidable. As Harperula wheezes, she can view the moon greet her once more by illuminating the turbulence of exhalation and dust in the corridor.

Cycle 1 – Segment 2 – Two companions

190115_rr_memory1_cyc1_seg2_1Entering the corridor manifests an idea of length itself. The door from Harperula’s room and the corridor does not step into the cone of the moonlight. Other than her room, the corridor’s long side is congruent with the central axis of the moonlight cone. This night’s moon whispers that the centrality of the corridor and the centrality of the moonlight have been aligned for Harperula’s expedition. A memory from behind a wall of glass sings about her first born child.

Wonder precedes split,
With wonder wisdom is knit,
Question your first branch mild,
Reflexivity is Equivalence’s closest child.

Grabbing and greeting every one of her ancestors who live behind flat glass on both sides of the corridor now, Harperula is thankful not having to explore this night in all its branches alone. The guarding moon, while looking over her shoulder, tells a dark body, that is simultaneously behaving like Harperula, to walk in front of her through the moonlight’s cone in the long narrow corridor. A door tells a story long passed away.

Split our tree of moments,
Echo futures past comments,
Balance branching at present,
Symmetries of pain and joy descend.


Harperula is in freezing fear. But as soon as she sees the embracing and rotating rays of foggy light, fear appears in front of her to be frozen as the dark body outside light. Heavy steps stabilize the walk. Inviting Harperula to follow, the dark companion neglects the music of the oaken floor boards as together they stride up the corridor of her saluting ancestors. Her primary companion is sitting now at a low altitude. Through an infinity of circular waves of illuminated fog and dust a tall reflection mirrors darkness and light. She tries get hold of the last flat glass ancestor.

Through your first born your future reflect,
If three branches back project,
Middles balance images of the Real,
Action balanced for now and then appeal.

The frame is empty. She has moved too far and yet far enough to enter the room of reflection that pulls every imagination inside. On the side of the many reflections’ both companions, the moon and the dark body, are patiently waiting.

Cycle 1 – Segment 3 – Negotiation of Equivalence


For two and a half imagination-cycles Harperula has been sitting on the terrace already. She is embraced by a satisfying silent white noise of memories. Her companions, the moon and the lightless body have also paced through the reflection into the outer silence. Harperula’s children speak.

“Don’t be unhappy, Mother. I am your first born child. I am myself. I am your identity. I am all that is pure.”

“Don’t be sad, Mother. I am everything and everyone on the other side of the mirror of purity.”

“Mother, don’t be desolate. With me you gave birth to everything that follows from two others. I am your beautiful triangle. I am the duality of your Rational and Irrational.”

If branches in Transitivity intersect,
If Symmetry mirrors cause-effect,
If Reflexivity balances the different,
Then Logos and Doxa are equivalent.


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