Void to Union




Martin Ritzinger, Mathematical Phenomena, 181226


Void to Union

Void to the Point’s Sameness:

Sames in operation,
Neutrality respected,
Bridges to differentiation,
Sameness neglected.

Equal in Neutral’s luminosity,
Branching difference,
All lower in community,
Unity for significance.

To tissue from linearity,
Orthogonal but linked,
Children of Neutrality,
Negotiation of the distinct.

Fruitful ideas in mention,
Foreign to the united of same sort,
Agreement in one dimension,
Harvest ideas by angles that distort.

Desired sovereignty in interpretation,
Harmonics concurrent,
Cyclic arguments by deviation,
Nivellating peaks by the dimension-parent.

Void conducts inner voices,
Its skin unites the different,
Superior music the sames rejoices,
Differing unions in harmonics magnificent.

One’s Void’s instruments orchestrate,
To competing Neutralities project,
By Counter-voices that deviate,
Rotate imagination to reflect.


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