Point and Angle

Martin Ritzinger, Mathematical Theatre, 181227

Cycle I – Triad



“One move, left the left sided and seemingly dense Neutrality. Right is void. The Angle steers, the Velocity constants.”



“This is the point, Point. Your movement is your passive movement. It is not me, I cannot turn the wheel, for I am the angle which is fixed by Leonhard’s e.”



“I am there, not here. But this I am quite often.”

Cycle II – Rotating Awareness



“The left Left is the Neutral. Right is the Void. In my view, both, Neutral’s Left and Void’s Right, live in their own constant change. Their changes are linked. Their changes are inverse. An Equality signifies the relation of Neutral’s growth and Void’s shrinkage: the sign of an Equality. Point by point I accept the angularity of my united points’ past. My future’s size shrinks through the growth of the offspring of my points.”


“You, Point, are only reproducing yourself! You cannot identify other resulting faces, can you? For yourself, you are what does not have any parts. But what are you and all yourselves for the abundance of your surrounding Void? Every Void’s dual-identity is a Unity that unites all its enclosed zero-dimensionalities. But tell me, Point, what does the addition of one and one other dimensionality, both of grade zero, give?”


“The integers Zero, One and Two.”


“Wait, wait. We’ll talk about this branching triad another time. Follow me. Now, since you belong to the same species, tell me, how do you observe any such two zero-dimensionalities?”


“Two zero-dimensionalities build in their sameness one being that I should not see.”


“Why shouldn’t you?”


“How can one understand something of a different kind? Every disability to understand the Other follows a natural limitation.”


“How could you then observe what is beyond your limits? How shouldn’t you since you could? You can. Therefore you do. And the ‘why’ is obsolete.”


“Then let me rotate as much as a one-dimensionality can rotate. Let me capture my two most recent past identities.”

Point rotates and screams.

“Distortion! Are my identities distorted in their sameness. I am united with myselves in rotation.”

The Point’s Sameness

“Rotate, bend, distort and unite, you Lower! I am your all-dimensional successor. I am made of yourselves but I am not your child. Whose child am I, Lower?”


“Point cannot know, cannot see, cannot answer. Myselves do know. And you, you higher Lower, do you know your Higher?”

The Point’s Sameness

“There is nothing Higher than me! I am made of Points and everything is made of me! But I obey two laws that make my lowers, my points, accept my form to be their destination: the law of Sameness and the law of Addition of the Same.”


“Sameness and its Addition offer greater fireworks than your punctual pointlessness can describe. Listen!”

Cycle III –  Void to Union


Void to the Point’s Sameness:

Void to Union

Sames in operation,
Neutrality respected,
Bridges to differentiation,
Sameness neglected.

Equal in Neutrals luminosity,
Branching difference,
All lower in community,
Unity for significance.

To tissue from linearity,
Orthogonal but linked,
Children of Neutrality,

Negotiation of the distinct.
Fruitful ideas in mention,
Foreign to the united of same sort,
Agreement in one dimension,

Harvest ideas by angles that distort.
Desired sovereignty in interpretation,
Harmonics concurrent,
Cyclic arguments by deviation,
Nivellating peaks by the dimension-parent.

Void conducts inner voices,
Its skin unites the different,
Superior music the sames rejoices,
Differing unions in harmonics magnificent.

One’s Void’s instruments orchestrate,
To competing Neutralities project,
By Counter-voices that deviate,
Rotate imagination to reflect.

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