Ascension of Concepts 1

Martin Ritzinger, Mathematical Theatre, 19. 11. 2018


Unit appears to Natural. Natural sees that each of his components is a Unity of multiples of the one and only Unit.

Lifting Unit one and two and three times, Natural discovers the first ability that enables a subsequent lifting of units. This ability is named Addition. It is an artful structure and its behaviour allows time to proceed Unit by Unit without the need to get hold of any of the units. Natural’s Addition is a part of Natural’s nature that is of a different kind than the Unit or than the collection of units.

Again, Natural discovers an entity of an unexpected kind within itself: the Art of small-to-Big collecting units is named Order. Order is the first entity to offer orientation in space and time.

Once again, Natural finds a new aspect of its identity: Coexistence. That Time has already preceded by collecting three units, allows Natural to observe the following. In Natural’s understanding two perspectives coexist. Time proceeds Unit by Unit and units can be collected with or without connecting orderly in Time. 


At this size of Time, Natural consists of three units and one operation. Some call such a coexistence of added units and operations – like this Addition inherent to Natural – a Field, some call it un Corps and some call it einen Körper.

Around the situation of Unit Three in Natural’s linear idea of Time, Natural draws a half-circle and looks back to its treasurous recent past. Looking back to its own past from the natural third situation, three natural units are distinctively lined up by Order. Natural inspects Unit Three and Unit Two and Unit One who claims to be Natural’s first-born.

Unit One does not seem to be of singular character. Unit One is a size, a length, a fully grown entity from which infinities of stories are originating. The Natural Coexistence of Addition and Unities of units stares at the nebulous origin of Unit One. While Order and Addition move backwards towards Uncertainty, Addition – in an inverted shape – helps Order to lay down the weight of its collected natural units infinitely near to those situations where they have been collected.

Having reached the origin that seemed to be vague, Addition – inverted by moving backwards – cannot find either one of the natural units or Order anymore. Around this original situation Time itself forms imaginary circles while being excluded from its own origin. The inverted Addition gives this situation, that appears to be Emptiness itself, many names: Zero, Cipher, Chiffre, Ziffer, Cifra, Cifr, Safara, Sunya-s. Being its own Inversion in the original Emptiness, Addition recognizes that which side of its dualistic nature is in charge of operating with the units, depends on the direction of its movement: towards the original Cipher or away from it.


Addition gives its own Inversion a name: Subtraction. At the Empty situation of Notime, Addition and Subtraction record that they are non-identical twins. They also agree to visit all the units together. Subtraction suggests Addition to search for the lost Order by prolonging their directed movement from Unit One towards Cipher. After having proceeded for a distance of the size of Unit One, they find Time, Order and an Inversion of Unit One again. Order has not changed, but Time and Unit One seem to be Inversions of their appearances on the other side of the Emptiness of Cipher. Driven and ruled by a curiosity of Subtraction the Twins collect Unit after Unit while travelling away from Cipher. While Addition is fascinated by a gift that every Unit offers, Subtraction collects Unit by Unit like Addition did before. Surprised that the effect of the operation of Subtraction and the effect of the operation of Addition from Cipher’s other side seem to behave identically, Subtraction questions its own usefulness. Addition comforts its sibling Subtraction by discussing a conjecture between their position regarding Cipher, the offered gifts of the units and the dualistic operation that relates Addition and Subtraction to each other. Unlike the units that seem to be of the same kind at every different position, every gift that any of the units is offering is not a multiple of another gift. On this side of the Cipher every Unit comes together with the same unavoidable characteristic. Addition and Subtraction recognize it to be an entity that identifies the side of the Cipher’s environment and name this gift Sign.


Due to its dissecting behaviour on the signed side of Cipher, Subtraction demands to see those units that come with Sign as inversions of those units without Sign that have been collected by Addition on the other side of Cipher. Due to similarities among the recent inversions in Sign and Operation, Addition suggests to collect the units with Sign and those without Sign in a new Field, un Corps nouveau or einen neuen Körper that combines the characteristics of all yet found sizes of unities of units regardless Sign.

Integer welcomes Subtraction and Addition to its own linearity, where also Natural lives, but with Cipher as a center that is still unknown to Natural. Order is continuously keeping the units distinct in the realm of Integer. It is Order who is responsible for the Integer-companionship of Subtraction, Addition, their dualistic behaviour and Sign being able to access every size of a Unity through their interaction.

A next Level of Wisdom

From now on, the Company of Sign and Operations agree to distinguish every accepted Art of Collecting units from the Exploration of the Unknown. The Company puts a border stone at the situation of insight into the differences between Natural and Integer.

Suddenly the Company recognizes its own past identity on a different level of wisdom. It understands its masterful development from the state of a Company of Naturals towards the state of a Company of Integers that knows Inversion, Sign and Order. Above all similarities, the situation of the Integer units and unities and those of the Naturals appears to be different. Since the Company of Integers, Sign and Operations thinks to be capable of actions that the Company of Naturals is not capable of, it agrees to see the just set border stone as the indicator for a new level of knowledge.

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