Argumentation of Dual-Tableness

Martin Ritzinger, 170921,

Written for the Quantum Words publication at ATTP – TU Vienna


One side of the two-sided tablenesses (2sT1) inflates the interior of the squared square that is of the same area like the circle shaped square. Simultaneously and concurrent the other side of the two-sided tablenesses (2sT2) is lining up point after point on the circumference of the circle that is of the same area like the square shaped square.

2sT2 mentions the edginess of 2sT1 – right at every successful creation of a cycle of the circumference of its circle. 2sT1 reacts with framing its area once again with one more corner.

“Why so square?”, 2sT2 lisps.

“You are square in a circular manner!”, 2sT1 shoots back.

“I prefer cyclic. And conditioning your frame”, 2sT2 clarifies with pleasure.

2sT1: “There is a misunderstanding: Your curve is inscribed to my lines.”

2sT2: “Then I would observe your lines with my other eye. But because your rectangularity is framed by my circularity, I am experiencing your constant edging around the area that I manage to frame without any corner.”

2sT1 : “The corners are my enriching distinction from your baldness.”

2sT2: “Alright. My cycling circularity may be equivalent to your linear arrangement of redirecting bends.”

2sT1: “I prefer to disagree.”

2sT1: “I agree.”

Infinite silence.

2sT1 zooms into an infinity inside, 2sT2 zooms out to an outer infinity.

2sT2 : “My infinity is framing yours.”

2sT1: ”My direction changing straight linearity is constituting your cyclic circularity like my infinity is constituting the infinity that is constituting your infinity.”

Infinity breaks its endless silence: “Kids, get seated at the tableness!”

The circle shaped square, 2sT2, and the square shaped square, 2sT1, zoom back to the infinity in between. Getting seated at the table of tableness waiting for mother infinity to deoxidize back to silence. 2sT2 lines up point after point after point. It is hard to identify their arrangement as a circle or a rectangle, at least for Euclid. Points all over the area. 2sT1 gets jealous and points out his points of argumentation too. Still continuously the double amount of points is leaving an infinite amount of non-point-areas in between the set points.

Infinity and Eternity are witnessing and conducting the play of argument performed by circularity and linearity setting their points in a lucid dream of Euclid. Infinity orders the argument by diffusing into the paired nature of point and void. Eternity orders discreteness and continuity as parallels. Molding and merging their nature of tableness, the twins of duality sculpt the table of argumentation. Reality creating arguments are carved into the table on the table.

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